Through the rearview mirror

Every day I am grateful only for the mere fact of being alive. I look for things to be grateful for, and I look for the beauty of the everyday. I am blessed with an amazing man as my life partner, I admire people working in my building as I leave my home on my way to work, people driving around me, when I meet them at traffic lights and in traffic, and as I arrive at my office, I count the people I work with among my many blessings in the first few hours of the morning.

I think of the everyday things in life as incredible blessings and I am grateful. Grateful for everything that is beautiful and for every painful lesson I have learned. I could not know the good without the bad, beauty without the unsavory and happiness without sadness. I am grateful to those who are less than friendly to me because it makes me appreciate real and caring friends; my chosen family.

Today, I pray for the people whose lives are taken in the rush of the everyday. Last Saturday, we drove by a fatal car crash. Two people lost their lives. We did not see the actual crash but saw the bodies and the devastation of the aftermath. I barely imagine the sorrow and pain those families would feel once they learned their loved ones, fathers, husbands, sons, mothers, wives, daughters, would not be coming home. A sudden death is a horrific pain magnified by the irreparable and devastating loss. It is unexpected, incomprehensible, too painful to be true.

Less than one hour ago, I saw a multiple fatal car crash. This time, I saw it. Through the rear view mirror of my vehicle, I saw how multiple cars flipped over and over and over while others crash among each other avoiding the vehicles that were flipping and coming towards them. It was surreal as if watching a “bad boys” movie through my rearview mirror. I pray for each of those who have lost their lives, their family members and those who may be forever marked with the trauma of surviving a devastating tragedy.

I am grateful to God for sparing my life; had the car crash occurred less than one minute earlier, I would be one of the casualties and the fact will remain with me for a while. I am grateful and pray every day for my son; my grandson, for the lives of all my loved ones and for your life. I thank you God for keeping us safe and I beg you bring peace and comfort for those suffering at this very moment.

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