A few words from our referral sources

In the words of Carolina Antonini – one of the most respected immigration attorneys in the State of Georgia

I have been referring clients to Rocio for evaluations to support their legal claims for several years now and I cannot recommend her enough. Her evaluations are thorough, professional and exactly address what adjudicators look for to make a just decision. She enhances my cases greatly.
I am relieved when my clients are willing to work with her as I know it will make my case stronger. She is ethical and this is imperative but she also digs deeply and ensures that she is accurately reporting the clients’ situation. If you want an evaluation done in detail, ethically, and sensitive to what you need to forward your clients’ best interests, call Rocio.
Thank you for all the good work you have done for my clients. I look forward to a continued long relationship with you!
Carolina Antonini, Co-Founder @ Antonini & Cohen Immigration Law Group

Amna Shirazi

Immigration Attorney

Rocio has been a friend and a mental health professional that I refer to for over 15 years. I am an immigration lawyer in the community and I feel that out of the many options for psychologists to assist us with immigration related matters, Rocio is the best. She is also a wonderful person who cares for her community, her family and her patients. Rocio Woody and Road to Recovery are very reputable and do a great job on all they do. Thanks Rocio!


“I have referred numerous clients to Rocio Woody and Road to Recovery and I have always been extremely pleased by their professional services. Ms. Woody is knowledgeable, hardworking, efficient and she cares about her patients. Her clinical evaluations are clear, thorough, and persuasive. I am very grateful to be able to send my clients to such an excellent, reliable, and caring professional.”

Kerry McGrath

Immigration Attorney

Bonnie Youn

Immigration Attorney

“I am an immigration attorney that has used Dr. Woody’s services Rocio D Woody LLC and Road to Recovery for psychological evaluations for my clients.
This is extremely important when filing for specialized immigration applications such as battered spouse petitions and waiver applications demonstrating domestic abuse for VAWA cases and extreme hardship in removal proceedings.
Dr. Woody’s evaluations are the best I have seen, using DSM V criteria for assessments and providing detailed narratives of the client’s psychological profiles. She provides excellent work, and I strongly recommend her to other immigration attorneys.”