Road to Recovery celebrates 25 Years

We are preparing to celebrate our 25 Year Anniversary!

We are a private practice providing mental health services in Spanish, and English, working with immigrant populations in Georgia. We worked with the uninsured, the under-served, the disadvantaged in so many ways, through anti-immigrant legislation dating back to 2007 with SB529, through a global economic downturn since 2008 and now a global health crisis affecting us all. Despite it all, we are still here, helping, serving, caring.

There is much to celebrate when you can survive in private business that provides a highly stigmatized, intangible service that few believe they need, and even fewer want to receive.

Yet, here we are, a business owned by a Hispanic immigrant that arrived in the United States as an adult, a woman, a single mother, a survivor of too many ordeals to list, breaking all culturally and linguistically challenging barriers, starting over, losing, falling, and standing up again grateful and with smile only to reinvent ourselves, to reach out to those who need it most.

We are blessed, we are happy and we are grateful to have chosen a different path because we believed we could make a difference.

Happy 25th Anniversary Road to Recovery!

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