Interpreters or?

When we find ourselves under duress we might not notice the obvious. One of my patients brought an interesting story

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"We are blessed when we have e a job that fills our hearts with joy every time a family is safe and together in the United States. Thank you for choosing our professional services.
Your happiness is of utmost importance to me."
Rocio D. Woody, LCSW
Licensed Bilingual Psychotherapist

Hi Ms. Woody, 

 I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays are joyful for you and your family!!

 Things are going great for my family and I.  To top things off, my wife’s case with immigration was finally approved on November 21st.  

With my sons’ births a month prior, this was right on time.  God is great!


 Dear Dr. Woody,


 My wife’s waiver is Approved, we are so excited for the great things to come! You know what you are doing, I can see this by your accomplishments and how you are known and  respected among  your peers. Once again Thank you!

Matthew G.

Agradecimiento a mis pacientes:

Los que me conocen profesionalmente saben que amo mi profesión con pasión. Siempre agradezco a Dios por esa bendición. Estaba en camino a ser abogada, o pude haber escogido ser ama de casa … pero Dios me guió hacia donde debería de estar. Con el tiempo, he llegado a conocer historias de familias maravillosas, sus sufrimientos y sus triunfos … me siento honrada y bendecida de ser parte de sus vidas. Gracias a Dios por absolutamente Todo.

Rocio Woody

“I started to see Ms. Woody for a clinical evaluation for my VAWA case and she truly knows what she is doing.

The report she wrote for me was extremely well written, it was professional and detailed every situation as well as the effects they had on me and I was thoroughly impressed when I read it. 

Not only does she do an excellent job, she also really cares about your case and it shows.

I recommend Ms. Woody for everyone who needs a clinical evaluation for VAWA.”

 Thank you once again!

Juliana B.

Hello Dr Woody,

I just want to use this opportunity to thank you for everything that you do.

You are a genius at your work and thank you for restoring families.

My brother and his wife were reunited last week.

Thank you once again and God bless.

Dr. Oluwole

I am very thankful that I went through the evaluation with Ms. Rocio Woody.

I  used her report before an immigration judge in my husband’s adjustment of status case which was accompanied by a waiver of extreme hardship from me. 

Ms. Woody was very observant during the session and gathered the right information to form a very full picture of who my family and I are.

When I went to court her lengthy and detailed report on the hardship my children and I would suffer if my husband got deported was very helpful.

My lawyer referenced many of the details from the report. She included some tests evaluating my levels of depression and anxiety as a result of the immigration case and because they were high, it was evidence in court that was useful to point out my suffering.

I have to admit that I am not usually the kind of person who is comfortable around counselors and that sort of thing. However, she was very friendly and her report was very useful so it is definitely worth it.

I think Ms. Woody chose this career because she excels at it and has the best intentions to help her clients succeed.

Jennifer H.