Having a Mentor or Life Coach is an alternative to psychotherapy for people who need a guide to personal or professional growth and development. As a professional woman, and a business owner in Georgia, I feel empowered to provide guidance and advice that has been helpful to me in my personal and professional life in the United States. Having a Life Coach is not having a psychotherapist but rather it is having access to a Consultant or Mentor at your disposal … someone qualified with life experience to provide guidance.

I encourage you to make a confidential consultation through together, you will already feel on your way to a more certain and better future!

Do you want a better marriage ? be a better partner.

Goals and Objectives

1. Deepen the friendship foundation of their relationship

 2. Develop skills to manage conflict successfully

 3. Learn to honor each other’s dreams

 4. Learn to create shared meaning

If you are ready to get started, buy The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work book and begin reading. You will need to read the book a couple of times to digest it all.


Attend a Workshop to Learn the Skills to Support and Strengthen Your Relationship! – based on the excellent research contained in the book, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by Dr. John Gottman.

Using the principles and exercises from Dr. Gottman’s book, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, I will be offering workshops for couples to develop their skills in order to strengthen their relationship. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this book, it is a summary of four decades of Dr. Gottman’s detailed research of couples and their habits; what creates masters of relationships and what creates disasters of relationships.

The workshops are strictly psycho-educational with lots of interaction and exercises to help you to begin the process of change between you and your partner. The workshop is not designed to be therapy, although it may be therapeutic as you learn what to do in order to make your marriage work more satisfactorily.

• Couples who have taken the temperature of their relationship and realize that they are more distant then they would want to be.

• Couples who are in a stage of their relationship where they feel stuck and are experiencing some relationship distress.

• Newly married couples who realize that they need more skills to make their marriage work long term.

• Pre-married couples who would like to learn the skills they need before they begin.

• Couples who have a good relationship but could use a tune up to make it terrific.

• Senior couples who might be in a second marriage and would like to learn some new and better habits.

Psycho education classes are not appropriate for couples in severe relationship distress or significant emotional or physical abuse, serious mental health issues, active addictions by one or both partners, sexual acting out and other disruptive behaviors to a stable relationship. Please be encouraged to enter couples psychotherapy. You are always welcome to schedule an appointment for individual or couples therapy.

● Four 1.5 hour weekly sessions

● The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Workbook.

● Two The Seven Principles Companion Workbooks which allows each partner to privately record answers and journal thoughtfully about the concepts in the book, as they apply to one’s relationship. It takes users step-by-step through the interactive exercises in each chapter of The Seven Principles book.

● Love Map/Open Ended Questions card deck. This deck is a fun and effective way for couples to get to know one another’s inner lives, thus increasing closeness and friendship.

● The opportunity for many private exercises and conversations with your partner.

Please contact me for the schedule of upcoming classes or to coordinate a personalized program based on the 7 Principles.